Credibility, capability, expertise

MetaLetters is powered by the team at Metaversal — a diverse group of experts with experience in traditional and digital art, technology, music, and business, who are working to create an inclusive, open metaverse that empowers creators. The Metaversal team is naturally curious, always creator-first, and deeply immersed in everything web3. Moreover, they love digital art in all shapes and forms.

Metaversal management is made up of an A-team of renowned experts with a wealth of relevant experience in several fields within and outside the blockchain industry: master blockchain developers, brilliant entrepreneur minds, and cultural connoisseurs.

Anne Bracegirdle

VP of Business Development

Spearheaded the Art+Tech initiative at Christie’s and dove headfirst into art tech at Superblue. An NFT true believer since before it was cool.

Craig Wilson

Content Director

A former technology news editor and gear reviewer turned generative art fan. Enthusiastic about creating an inclusive and open metaverse.

Diana Kurakina

Partnerships Director

Previously a Luddite art historian leading biz dev for galleries, Diana became a champion of digital transformation while working at art-tech start-ups.

Jessica Angel

Lead Creative Advisor

An artist known for her immersive installations and her work with projects like the Vancouver Biennale, Kusama, and the Foundation for Art and Blockchain.

Josh Bechtler-Levin

XD Strategist

Josh knows how to build stuff people like to use. He’s energized by the people and projects redefining the internet and the open metaverse.

Yossi Hasson

Co-Founder and CEO

Venture-backed serial entrepreneur, passionate GM fan, JPG aficionado, podcast host, and angel investor in all things web3 and crypto.