For creators, by creators. At its core, that is our belief. A belief that everyone has the capacity to be creative, and deserves an opportunity to share that creative spark with the world.

How that creativity manifests in the physical versus digital world is unique to everyone. However, the space to create and the stage to share, is not always accessible or fair.

Web3 is a chance to learn from our failures, build better, and be better. It’s a chance for the creator in all of us to be authentic in our craft and not just hope, but actually activate our dreams.

The MetaLettersDAO is fueled by its creators. Its foundation is built on creativity, inclusivity, and empowerment.

The MetaLetters that are created are a reflection of the diverse global community that we embody. Everyday, a new letter is auctioned. Everyday, a new creator takes the world stage. Everyday, we add a stitch to the creative quilt that embraces our unique Metaversal family.

MetaLetters holders and creators alike are the wind-powered sails that steadily guide the DAO to sea. A journey to the horizon that has remained mysterious and enticing since the dawn of time. An opportunity to shape how we navigate a new ocean of creativity. A chance to sail to new Web3 lands with passion and purpose.

MetaLettersDAO is a community-driven Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) made up of members who share the belief that Web3 will push digital art culture to a new fronteir.

Every member of the MetaLettersDAO is responsible for developing new initiatives to nurture the growth, sustenance, and transparency of the DAO and community as a whole.

To facilitate a non-centralized functioning system, DAO members vote on proposals that introduce new ideas into the ecosystem and establish a consensus.

MetaLettersDAO is the first DAO to equalize the playing field and relationship between arts and collectors. Decisions are made collectively and all input is heard.

Owning a Creator Pass NFT (gifted to artists whose letters are selected for auction) and/or owning a MetaLetter NFT, grants participants access to the DAO. With that access, participants are also granted the power to vote on proposals, organize artist-focused events, curate educational resources, and enjoy a handful of additional perks.

For more information, please check out our detailed FAQ page!