MetaLetters are the individual letters of the name Metaversal, designed by artists, and auctioned off one by one for 1,818 days. The bulk of the revenue generated from each auction goes into the MetaLettersDAO, and the artists who create the letters get to vote on which projects the DAO treasury backs. The goal of this community initiative, launched by NFT investment firm and creative studio Metaversal, is to invest in and support creators from all cultural spheres, building an open and equitable metaverse in the process.

The MetaLettersDAO is the first DAO (decentralized Autonomous Organization) where artists and NFT buyers share governance, and where creators automatically have a seat at the table through a Creator Pass. It is reflective of Metaversal’s belief that the metaverse should be open, decentralized, and owned by the community. The DAO seeks to generate opportunities for emerging artists and creators from all backgrounds who are interested in the NFT space, and in supporting them, foster the next generation of culture.

If you don’t know what a DAO is don’t worry! Part of this iniciative is to educate and help new creators navegate the NFT and blockchain space.

We are selecting artists via three mechanisms: 1.) A few times a year we will create artist open calls and media campaigns to rally the community around MetaLetters. For these events, we invite the community to vote for their favorite letters. The winning submissions are then added to the auction pipeline. 2.) We have an ongoing open call for MetaLetters, where artists can submit at any time, and 3.) the Metaversal team, which is comprised of people from different backgrounds in the creative and financial sectors, invites artists to create MetaLetters directly.

Submit your letter by clicking the submission button on this page. If you have question that are not answered here and/or want to meet with the MetaLetters project lead, feel free to reach jessica@metaversal.gg

MetaLetters can be still or animated, 2D or 3D, photographs or videos, hand-illustrated or digitally rendered. They can be conceptual or abstract, and needn’t be literal. They can be monochromatic or color. We encourage artists to be as completely creative when thinking about the concept of what a letter is, or what one can be. For examples and inspiration, check out the #metaletters hashtag on Twitter.From a technical standpoint, supplied artwork must be between 2,000 x 2,000 and 4,000 x 4,000 pixels, in RGB, and at a resolution of 72 DPI or higher. Supported file types are images (jpg, png, gif), videos (mp4 — please use the H.264 or X.264 codec), 3D Models (gltf, glb), and audio (mp3). The maximum file size is 50MB.

Our team is hard at work ensuring the auction platform is sufficiently robust ahead of launch to run for 1,818 days without interruption. In the meantime, we are inviting artists to begin populating the repository.

The MetaLetters project is about inclusivity and fairness, so auctions will start at zero and have no reserve price.

The MetaLettersDAO is a creator-focused entity that aims to foster the next generation of culture, build a vibrant community, and together with artists shape a fairer, more inclusive, and accessible Web3.

By proposing and voting on initiatives to make use of the DAO’s treasury, members of the MetaLettersDAO shape the identity of the organization and ensure the funds generated by it are invested directly back into the community.

Artists receive a 30% royalty on the sale of their MetaLetter. Metaversal receives 10% to recoup costs, and the remaining 60% goes into the MetaLettersDAO treasury.

Artists automatically get access to the DAO through a Creator Pass gifted to them at the time of mint. The Creator Pass gives artists voting power on how the DAO treasury’s funds are used. Proposals for disbursements will focus on reinvesting in the artist community, exhibition opportunities, educational initiatives, and initiatives to empower emerging artists. Only proposals that receive sufficient support from DAO members will be carried out.

Each MetaLetter is a 1/1 NFT artwork. By buying one, collectors join the MetaLettersDAO community and earn voting rights over the proposals presented for fund distribution, thus potentially getting to impact the careers of artists they love and support. They also receive early mint access to future Metaversal NFT drops, investor insights, and VIP access to special events.

A Creator Pass is an NFT that gets created at the time a MetaLetter gets minted. It grants an artist voting rights in the MetaLettersDAO and access to the MetaLetters community. It also gives the holder access to specially curated artist-focused events, education resources, insights into the partnerships we are fostering with respected organizations, and the chance to be featured on Metaversal’s website and social channels.

One MetaLetters NFT (or Creator Pass) equals one vote. However, if the DAO receives a proposal to move to a reputation-based voting system and the community votes in favor of it, such a system could be implemented in the future.

Yes, like MetaLetters NFTs, Creator Passes are ERC721 tokens that can be bought, sold, or transferred. However, we encourage MetaLetters artists to keep their Creator Pass or transfer it to another creator who will benefit from the opportunities it grants the holder.

Each MetaLetter is minted as an ERC721 Ethereum token by a DAO representative on the custom MetaLetters auctioning platform.

Yes! The primary sale royalty for artists is 30%, and secondary sale royalties are 2%.

CC0 enables scientists, educators, artists, and other creators and owners of copyright-protected content to waive their rights and place their work in the public domain. This means that others may freely build upon, enhance, reuse, or remix the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law, and without needing to ask for the creator’s permission.

In addition to being a project aimed at showcasing and supporting new artists and creators, MetaLetters are an exercise in decentralizing Metaversal’s brand and putting it in the hands of the community, so it truly represents the evolving culture of the open metaverse. The MetaLetters initiative is a way for Metaversal to open-source its brand. Metaversal wants artists to own it, hack it, experiment with it, and recreate it through MetaLetters.

Metaversal will receive 50 Creator Passes (50 votes) per year. This mechanism gives the company voting rights right from the start, and after five years, Metaversal will accrue 250 Creator Passes (13% of supply and voting power).

In exchange for these Creator Passes, Metaversal commits to auctioning 50 MetaLetters each year created by members of its team. These will be dropped at intervals throughout each year.

Metaversal is in late-stage discussions with a number of DAO infrastructure and framework experts to finalize the structure best suited to the project and to ensure the end result is robust, reliable, and able to provide the functionality the project demands. We invite interested parties to take part in this process by joining our community calls. If you are interested in being notified when those will happen, please email metaletters@metaversal.gg with the subject line, “Community Calls” and we’ll keep you updated.